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Commentary by Diane Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, CIMI, Infant Feeding Specialist

December 2016


I would like to tell you about one family’s NICU (neonatal intensive care) experience from which we can hopefully all learn. I will also present some recommendations at the end of the article for parents who may find themselves in a similar situation. 

The baby was born near term at 38 weeks (two weeks early). While the mom’s water was clear when it broke, the baby had meconium aspiration and very low blood sugar at birth. Both of the mom’s previous children (a 36-week preemie and a 39-week near term) also had low blood sugar at birth. The 36-weeker spent 5 days in NICU and was bottle and breast fed. The 39-weeker spent one day in a special care nursery and was breast and bottle fed. However, the new baby (the 38-weeker) ended up spending 17 days in the NICU....

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