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Resources for Feeding, Eating, Drinking, Speech, and Mouth/Airway Function

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By Diane Bahr (Sensory World, 2010)

See what parents, doctors, lactation consultants, nurses, therapists, early interventionists, and others are saying about this comprehensive child development manual.

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Nobody Ever Told Me (Or My Mother) That! Everything from Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development fills a missing niche in the child rearing world. It explains everything from the basics of nursing, to SIDS, to facial massage; finishing with the secrets to good speech development and your child's best natural appearance. Written by an SLP with over 30 years experience, this book is a wealth of necessary information for any new parent.

What You Need To Know To Breastfeed Successfully!

By Chantel in Australia (March, 2012)

A wonderful and comprehensive guide to parents of young children who are still developing oral motor skills and speech. It gives parents a wonderful resource to track their child’s development and great resources for what to do when they feel their child is not reaching their development the way they should be. It also includes great activities and techniques that you can incorporate into your babies’ routines to help their continued growth and development.

Autism Editor, Christie Ann Boyer’s Review  (May, 2011)

This book has many checklists, lots of nice pictures, and a few detailed diagrams. Checklists include activities with directions and a space to enter the date when you have completed the activity. The development of the mouth and oral motor activities is listed in sequential order, with a space for parents to add in a date when they first observe the skill in their child. Many developmental checklists are included and provide the approximate age for the skill to be displayed and a space for parents to enter the date that they observe the skill in their child. Executive Editor Danette Schott’s Review (February, 2011)

Praise from Parents and Professionals
(Bahr, 2010, p.vii)

What Parents Are Saying

Diane Bahr's new book shares all her expertise and is the gold standard for parents to easily understand and help in their child's development.

 ♦     Susan Harrison, Parent of a child with special needs

Full of useful, field-tested advice on your child’s feeding, speech, and oral motor development -- this gem of a book reaches out to parents across cultures and boundaries.

♦     Christine Tan, Parent Support Coordinator, Ovspring Developmental Clinic, Singapore

This much-needed book helps parents identify possible feeding and speech problems early and provides a wealth of practical advice and strategies from infancy up, to help secure the best possible prognosis for the child’s future development. It’s a treasure for anyone that cares for children.

♦     Lisa Geng, Co-Author of The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet, President of The Cherab Foundation

What Nurses and Doctors Are Saying

If you find the introduction fascinating -- wait till you read the book! Infant feeding and normal development is my specialty, so it's nice to see a book that helps all children achieve good feeding and eating skills. The strategies to assist bottle-feeders are long overdue -- since about 1975. There are still some health professionals who think that books for parents are “not for them” -- this one will teach everyone something!

♦     Ailsa Rothenbury, MA, RN, CHN, IBCLC, Australian Author of Breastfeeding is Not a Spectator Sport: Strategies for the Domestic Coaching Team


It has been my pleasure to work with Diane to more effectively help babies having breastfeeding difficulties. My hope is that this book will foster more teamwork among feeding professionals and will give parents a better idea of how their baby’s mouth develops. Most breastfeeding problems can be prevented or corrected with better understanding and proper help.

♦     Peg Merrill, BS, IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

As both parents and physicians, we were able to appreciate Diane's work and teachings on many different levels. Her book serves as a superb educational tool to both parents and health professionals interested in feeding. We especially feel that this book should be mandatory reading for every single pediatrician and pediatric gastroenterologist. Feeding is such a complex issue that it requires the collaboration of several different disciplines -- such as speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, dieticians/nutritionists, pediatricians, and pediatric gastroenterologists -- working together to ascertain the right diagnosis to develop the proper solution and effective treatment. It is Diane's unique insight into this often-difficult matter that brings solutions which can be implemented by parents and professionals alike to promote health and well-being for our children. We believe that Diane accomplishes this through this exquisitely written book. Congratulations Diane, you did it!

♦     Inga Polyak, MD and Mark Degen, MD, DDS

What Speech-Language Pathologists Are Saying

Diane's book is great and should be in every parent's hands! There is no other reference for helping parents understand the connection between feeding, speech, and mouth development. Finally -- a comprehensive, invaluable resource with the practical information parents need for one of their top parenting concerns: successful feeding!

♦     Nina Ayd Johanson, MS, CCC-SLP, CEIM, Feeding Specialist and Certified Educator of Infant Massage

This book provides a wonderful resource, full of beneficial information and practical ideas to support our international community of parents. Diane shares the secrets of her expertise and experience, providing us with a guide to best practice in the areas of feeding and speech development for infants and young children. Her dedication to writing this for parents is a gift to all of us, parents and professionals alike.

♦     Mari Caulfield, Speech and Language Therapist, Galway, Ireland

What an informative book! Whether you are searching for everyday activities you can use to encourage your child's feeding, speech, and mouth development, or you are interested in exploring the mechanics of these skills, this is great resource, filled with nuggets for parents and professionals.

♦     Dr. Debra Jervay-Pendergrass, Linguist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Early Language-Literacy Consultant, and Director of the "First Stories" Project

What Orofacial Myologists Are Saying

Bahr’s new book provides a wealth of information for parents. Her extensive clinical experience and personal knowledge demonstrates her insight into the needs of parents. New parents will find the charts especially helpful in preparing for visits with medical professionals. It is always difficult for a parent to remember all that they want to discuss at a medical visit. This is a resource they can write in to log developmental milestones, identify concerns, carry with them to an appointment, and use as a starting point for discussion with their pediatrician, dentist, etc.

♦     Pat Taylor, MEd COM, CCC/SLP

Diane, you’ve got a gem here…your book is a well-organized resource that is chock full of new information and ideas in an easy-to-read format. It’s an extremely valuable book -- valuable to parents who are troubled about their child’s feeding or speech difficulties and don’t know where to turn, and valuable to speech therapists who seek sensible and practical answers to apply in their own therapy. Thank you for your creation and compilation of this highly useful material!

♦     Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech Dynamics, Inc