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Resources for Feeding, Eating, Drinking, Speech, and Mouth/Airway Function


Topic Guides for


By Diane Bahr (Sensory World, 2010)

The topic guides help you quickly and easily access the information you need in this comprehensive child development manual. Your child did not come with a manual. Therefore, you need a ready reference.

The first guide addresses feeding, speech, and mouth development from birth. The second guide addresses health concerns, finding professional help, and children with special needs. The topics are listed sequentially as they are found within the book.

Good mouth development is extremely important for the health and well-being of your baby. The mouth is not only the route to good nutrition, but it is an area through which your child will gather information about the world and ultimately learn to express him- or herself through speech (Bahr, 2010, p. 2).

Topic Guide for Feeding, Speech,
and Mouth Development

  Topics in bold lettering represent crucial developmental areas. You will use this information to track and appreciate a child's amazing progress in these areas. You will also learn easy-to-use techniques to encourage skill development when needed.

Breast Feeding: pp. 21-32, 35-41 Encouraging Speech and Communication Skills from Birth: pp. 216-218 Newborn Mouth Development:
pp. 2-17
Bottle Feeding: pp. 21-29, 32-41 Speech Development
(1 Month to 8 Years): pp. 218-226
Tongue-Tie: pp. 22-23
Infant Nutrition: pp. 41-44 Components of Intelligible and Understandable Speech: pp. 227-234 Hand-Mouth Connection: pp. 86-91
Infant Hydration: pp. 44-45 Communication Development
(1 Month to 3 Years): pp. 234-268
Mouthing, Teething, and Mouth Play:
pp. 91-108
Infant Feeding Development
(Birth to 6 Months): pp. 46-51
Treatment of Speech and Communication Problems: pp. 268-274 Pacifier Use and Thumb/Finger Sucking and Weaning: pp. 108-115
Feeding Chairs and Positioning:
pp. 157-159
Teething and Drooling: pp. 115-121
Jaw Support for Feeding: pp. 159-160 Face, Jaw, and Mouth Massage:
pp. 125-136
Spoon Feeding: pp. 160-166 Infant Jaw Exercise: pp. 136-137
Open-Cup Drinking: pp. 166-171 Recommended Mouth Toys: pp. 138-141
Straw Drinking: pp. 171-176 Jaw Exercise/Chewing: pp. 138-147
Taking Bites of Food and Chewing:
pp. 177-181
Tooth-Grinding: pp. 148-149
When to Introduce Foods and Liquids by Age: pp. 181-186 Bubble and Horn Play: pp. 149-153
How Much to Feed Your Child:
pp. 186-188
Proper Face and Mouth Development: pp. 277-282
Weaning from the Bottle/Breast:
pp. 188-192
Treatment by Dentists, Orthodontists and Orofacial Myologists: pp. 282-285
Feeding Problems/Picky Eating:
pp. 193-202
Tongue Position and Swallowing:
pp. 285-289
Feeding Development
(5 to 24 Months): pp. 202-214
Face, Mouth, and Vocal Development
(Birth to Adulthood): pp. 289-307

Topic Guide for Health Concerns, Finding Professional Help, and Children with Special Needs

The Importance of Nose Breathing:
pp. 54-56
Finding and Working with Appropriate Professionals: pp. 310-311 Preemies: pp. 322-326
The Importance of Belly/Tummy Time:
pp. 56-59
Pediatricians, Lactation Consultants, and Others: pp. 311-313 Children with Down Syndrome:
pp. 326-332
Allergies, Sensitivities, and Respiratory Problems: pp. 59-79 Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists: pp. 313-317 Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: pp. 332-340
Reflux/SIDS: pp. 79-82 Occupational Therapists: pp. 317-318 Children with Cerebral Palsy: pp. 340-341
Vaccines: pp. 82-83 Other Professionals: pp. 318-319 Children with Hearing Loss: p. 341
  Teams of Professionals: pp. 319-320 Children with Other Developmental Delays: pp. 341-347
Resources for Parents and Care Providers: pp. 349-354 Children with Cleft Lip and Palate: p. 348
  Pertinent Websites: pp. 355-358  
  Pertinent Companies: p. 358  
  Resources for Professionals: pp. 359-363